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Project Management

Developing a new product? Application? Introducing a new process throughout your organization?

At WhirlyBee Consulting, our experienced team of consultants offers varying levels of project management support: as Program Managers, Project Schedulers or Project Coordinators to implement your project plans, mentor your staff, and improve your organization’s project management disciplines.

We provide our consulting services to various public and private industries with a speciality in technology projects. We have successfully managed and implemented all types of technology projects from application development, technology infrastructure, facilities management, technology refresh to system replacement projects.

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Strategic Planning

Why are you in business? What does your company represent?

WhirlyBee’s strategic planning consultants help you explore these questions to redefine your business’ focus. Using our planning process, clear insight begins to emerge and crystallize to guide your decision-making and accelerate your business.

Whether you’re in the midst of major changes within your organization, or simply seeking clarity and direction regarding your next moves, we can help. Our strategic planning process has been used successfully by businesses of all shapes and sizes, and delivers results every time.

For many organizations, a new strategic direction can result in the need for a new image or branding. As part of our strategic services, we can also fulfill your branding needs – from logos and websites to corporate style guides –  to launch you in the direction of your strategic vision.

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Technology Planning/Management

WhirlyBee Consulting helps organizations determine technology solutions to your business needs.    We focus on understanding the needs of your business as a whole, its strategic direction, and then identify technologies that will help your business efficiently meet their strategic goals.


Your new product or application is in place and implementation is almost complete. But now you need to train everyone in your organization how to use it, or at least you want to. Perhaps you want to create online training and communications. But all the tools and technology to do so just seems too much.

That’s where WhirlyBee can help.

We’ve worked with countless organizations and experts to take what they know and transform that knowledge into useful training and communications. Whether it’s presentation creation, screencasts, webinars, or videos, we’ll help you create a training solution that will educate and inspire the adoption of your product or application throughout your organization.

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